Specialize  in solving deep business questions via data science and Marketing technology.


Advancing your insightful decisions and also empowering your business with data science and marketing technology


Our mission is to help marketers and business owners to advance their decisions to be more insightful and meaningful via better understanding of customers and their journey


We perform professional data engineering and modelling with experiences

By marketer, for marketers

Data is just numbers until it’s seen with experiences. Rich marketing experiences turn data to actionable insights for marketers

Professional commitment

Your success is our success. We are committed to excellence and integrity.

Tools knowledge

We can recommend best tools to serve your business needs and also friendly to your financial controller too

Why Us?

Professional commitment

Rich Marketing Experience

Data Analysis By Marketer, for Marketer

and Tools knowledge


Analytic + Artist represents people who perform Marketing Art in utilizing professional analytics

Yellow represents creativity, curiosity, knowledge, sharing and uplifting.

Bar charts represents data, growth, comparison and segmentation.

Bar charts on the far right represents the acceleration driven by data and insights.


Meet the people you’ll be talking and working with from start to finish


Chonthicha Sangpan

Co-Founder and Marketing Strategist

Veteran Marketer and CMO 15 years Experience in Branding & Holistic Marketing

Specialized in Retail, Insurance and Finance industry

Understands WHAT insights decision maker needs to see and able to present them in effective form and powerful meaning. Provide advise of actionable solutions with possible results.

Key Quality :
  • Strategic
  • Responsive
  • Proactive
  • Challenger
  • Passionate

Sajja Angkavisitphan

Co-Founder and Analytics Strategist

Veteran Web Coder 20 years experience in Web creation, Web optimizing, Web tracking & analytics, SEO, UX and Design.

Specialized in Banking and Finance industry

Data Scientist who merged science and art into transforming data to powerful insights. Applying lean design to help bring efficiency and effectiveness to your data ecosystem.

Key Quality :
  • Logical
  • Practical
  • Systematic
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ethical


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