Why KNOW and Why NOW?

Why KNOW | Gain both qualitative and quantitative insights from prospects, customers and even competitor’s customers to support efficient and effective marketing actions.

Why NOW | Because every minutes count and your business can’t wait for months.

Fast. 1-2 weeks only

From research design to output presentation is 1-2 weeks. Faster than traditional face to face  questionnaire and focus groups.

Digital Direct

Digital Survey is more effective. More interactive. More intuitive. If your research topics relates to Digital, hear directly from digital consumers.

Budget Savings

Our project price range is 80,000-150,000 THB only

By Marketer. For Marketer

Your research is guaranteed at CMO’s quality 15 years Marketing, Branding and Digital experience. Full of actionable insights, effective and efficient

know now action

What’s your next discovery ?

Uncover consumer’s reactions and prove hypotheses in weeks instead of months. Concept testing your new campaign is also a smart idea.

Benchmarks with your competitors

Gap finding

Consumer’s expectation and behavior

Motives and barriers of purchases

Concept-testing pre-launch

Discover new target market

Understand more about lifestyle of current and new target market

NPS Satisfaction survey

kNow | Speed discovery thru digital research

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