Pulse helps improve ROI by 30%
Pulse save your time 450 hours/year

A smart watch for your marketing.  Transform the proactiveness to a whole new level. Competitiveness drives every business to take insightful actions based on real-time data.

Problem | disconnected systems,  require time-taking manual data computation, extremely difficult to see holistic view of your real-time campaign performance.

Solution |  Pulse is a customized Dashboard with data from all source— pull into a single, intuitive platform. This enables you to see your data in context and leverage it in ways never before possible. Unify your view of customer journey from campaigns all the way to revenue.

Real-time updates 24/7

Web access from anywhere, any device

Automated report to emails

100% Customized to client’s needs

No license fee

Direct API with Marketing tools

Save time from manual reports

Save internal fights over wrong numbers

Imagine having this information available in your inbox before you start the day, start the meeting, during campaign or any decision making.

You know what to invest more

Find budget waster to optimize

Improve ROI

Boost Conversion

What’s the option to add to your Dashboard

Paid Campaign Performance

SEO Performance

Email Performance

Conversion funnel

Channel performance

AB Testing performance

Social Media performance

PULSE | The Ultimate Marketing Dashboard.

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