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We work with both brands and agencies. Using deeper understanding to unlock new potential, boost growth, sustain performance and many more. We offer both strategic and tactical services to small, medium, and large enterprises and assist them in getting the best out of their digital analytics investments.

Web Analytic

Our Analytic team will implement Best Practice Analytic tracking to help client collect highest quality of 1st party data from their websites and Digital Marketing channels

Data Management

Our data engineering team can help in every steps of data architecture from data collection , data cleansing to data management.

Data Visualization

PULSE is a customized Dashboard with data from all source— pull into a single, intuitive platform. This enables you to see your data in context and leverage it in ways never before possible. Unify your view of customer journey from campaigns all the way to revenue.

Digital Research

kNOW is speed discovery via digital research to uncover direct feedback from prospects, customers and even competitor’s customers to support efficient and effective marketing actions.

Martech Integration

We help you deliver your great customized experiences and campaigns to your customers 24/7 via Automation and other Martech capabilities

Engagement Analytics

Digging more deeply than bounce rate and time spent on site allows you to really see where your site attracts and converts. To know which of our digital content are most valuable to your brand and keep these insights up to date.

Analytic Strategy & Road Mapping

Finding your focus and understanding the essence of your brand is important to determine your digital goals and measurable KPI’s.

Google Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics implementation for your website is not just adding the tracking code to your pages. We help you explore possibilities build confidence in your marketing decisions with correct implementation of Google Analytics on your website.

Insight Report Design

Not all reports are meaningful. We can create reports that has insights you need for your decision making. It can be regular or one-time. The report could include

    • Multiple data sources in a single view
    • Dashboard automation
    • One pager summary
    • VDO infographics
    • PDF infographics

Analytic Coaching

for Marketers and IT

Discovery Session These sessions help to uncover deep truths and break hypotheses. Spot the interesting in your data. We deliver insights into what people actually think, feel and do within your brand’s digital experience and prompt actionable changes to your digital strategy.

Workshop Attempting to change internal thinking can be challenging for organisations that are stuck in daily routines. Taking a deep dive into your data we develop disruptive insight sessions designed to stimulate thinking and instigate changes in your team’s behavior

Training Our training sessions are tailored to the analytical needs of your team, enabling your team to unlock the opportunities that lie within your analytics platform

Gap filling When your Analytic resources is temporally short. We can help fill the gap as part-time so that your business can continue.

Expertise in Best Analytic Platforms

We can recommend the best tools to serve your business needs, or work with your preferred tools

Digital Analytics Tools
Digital Analytics Tools
Digital Analytics Tools
Digital Analytics Tools

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