We serve at all stages of data utilization


Google Analytics 4 (GA4 )

Swicth GA3 will stop July 1. If your website is not tracked in GA4 yet. We can help setup and enhance your GA4 for data loss prevention

Data Science and Engineering

Our expertise lies in the way we work with your data to perform best results to serve business and marketing’s purposes


Data Enrichment

PULSE Helps add meaning to your customer data, forming up the full picture of customer’s lifestyle and interest to serve them better.

Data Driven Persona

kNOW helps to uncover truth about your customer persona. Less guessimate, more accurate way of clustering your customer to better understand them.


is the CDP that works perfectly with your data. From ETL various data sources via API to single view of customers for Automation.

Strategic Data Consultation

Data Strategy

We help you understand value in your data and to utilize them the best effective and efficient ways

PDPA Plan Consultation

Introduction Class

Internal class to understand about the law, case studies and how to avoid mistakes See more >

Strategic Planning

Helping to plan safeguarding your sensitive data for PDPA compliance See more >

Assessment and Execution

Define policies, gap discovery and work with internal and external parties making sure your organization will pass PDPA launch with confidence See more >

DPO as a Service

We work as your DPO until your assigned DPO will be ready See more >

Expertise in Best Platforms

We can recommend the best tools to serve your business needs, or work with your preferred tools

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